vegetable seeders

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Checchi & Magli

F300L, POTATOES, GARLIC, AND ONIONS One of the longest-lasting Checchi & Magli models, a 1 ..


The Gaspardo MTR is a precision large seed planter. The MTR unit model was developed to guarantee..
A precision vacuum planter designed to meter small seeds.  The rows will mount on 8" centers..
Gaspardo SP a precision vacuum planter for large seeds. Key Features: Designed for seeds ra..

Seed Spider

The growing popularity of the Seed Spider Planter is lead by its accuracy, reliability, and value. G..


Single or Double Spout Hopper with a standard base plate for mounting to tractors or implements, fro..
Big Planet Planter Features For Small Acerages and Gardens. Key Features:  Seed opener..
The Solex seeder is an affordable new implementation of a classic planter design Key Features: ..


Robin 820 Push Drill Stanhay Webb’s simplest planting drill, which demonstrates the heritage of o..
Stanhay Belt Planters Provide Precise Planting, Tailor-Made to Suit Your Needs. Stanhay planters ..
The Vacuum Seeder That Plants 1, 2, 3, or 4 lines. The Stanhay Star precision air drill incorpora..
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