Rinieri CRV Vine Trimmer

CRV Vine Trimmer CRV Vine Trimmer
Brand: Rinieri
Product Name: CRV Vine Trimmer
Product Code: RIN6CRVT152UAE
Availability: Call for Availability
Price: $15,890.00

With the CRV Vine Trimmer you will have your vineyard trimmed and looking clean in no time.

 The new frames Tower 1 and 2 for pruning machines CRL and CRV are characterized by the same central structure very resistant equipped with tilt and hydraulic lifting to which is coupled an upper part with a displacement or double displacement depending on the model. This particular design makes the machines to be modified after the purchase. Cutting bars are protected by spring safety controls and the horizontal bars also have a manual closure for transport. When using the U “Reverse” model, a quick connection for a fast replacement of the summer cutting unit with a winter unit CPL or sucker remover is available. The double blade cutting bars CRL are very sturdy and allow a very accurate cut thanks to the double blade- tooth movement, while the stainless steel cutting bars CRV with rotating knives are very durable and lightweight and allow a fast and perfect cut up to a maximum of 15km / h.

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