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Chipper Manual Feed

Manufacturer:  BOWELL
Product Code:  W_WC8M


The Bowell WC 8M is best used with a tractor engine power of 40 to 60HP. The advanced shaft driven system pulls the wood into the shredder by two rollers installed in the input section of the shredder. There are two knifes mounted on the 90kg rotor plus a counter knife shredding wood up to 15cm in diameter into 1 to 4cm pieces. We are the only factory in this price and product range to offer fully balanced rotor discs, to ensure a smooth performance. The discharge funnel can be turned by 230° with an adjustable throwing angle to easily fill material onto trailers, containers and big bags. The Bowell WC 8M capacity is up to 7 m³/h depending on the type of wood. The WC-8M does not need any hydraulic system and yet offering the same professional performance than expensive hydraulic shredders.  A special feature of this shredder is, that it is driven by a 5 belt system with a gear ratio of  2:1, so that the blade rotor turns with twice the speed than the 540rpm PTO shaft. You will get much smaller shredded wood pieces than with other shredders.

The drive shaft driven roller is pulling the wood into the shredder. This makes work fast and easy.
The Cat I 3-point hitch includes additional Cat II bushings, so that you can also connect to larger tractors without any problem.

The shredded wood material is thrown out of the output funnel by an enormous air-suction, generated by the winglets mounted to the fast turning rotor disc. Once shredding difficult material additional ventilation holes can be opened to further increase the air flow.




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