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1524 Vineyard Sprayer Tow Type

Manufacturer:  ENVIROMIST
Product Name:  1524 Vineyard Sprayer Tow Type
Product Code:  ENVUSZS280B


Capable of treating up to 8FT widths (11.5FT when fitted with Undivina 600 CDA extensions), Undivina 1524 CDA offers an economical and effective center-row weed control. As well as orchards, the machine is highly popular for controlling weeds in vineyards and amenity situations such as roadsides, parks and fence lines.

-Shielded CDA spray heads allow for more efficient use of chemicals
-Minimal spray drift, even on windy days
-Less down time through filling and calibrating
-Universal fittings for most ATVs and tractors
-Adjustable spray width between 8 and 11.5 feet
-Can be fitted with any Undavina series circular sprayer






Product Code Product Name
ENV12870 60 Gallon Tank
ENVUSAA415A R/H Undavina XT 600
ENVUSAA416A L/H Undavina XT 600
ENVZS800V Carry Frame

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