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Discover the Massano Stone Burier

A stone burier – you may have heard of it and may assume its primary function, given the name. But you might not be sure what its true purpose is, what type of farmer uses one, and how they use it.

Golf courses, sports fields, greenhouses, gardens, parks, meadowlands, and more use stone buriers regularly for their soil preparation. 

What is a stone burier? And how does it work?

Getting rid of stones, rocks, and weeds are the first step to creating the perfect turf for a golf course, preparing the soil for sowing, or creating a beautiful garden. Thus, farmers can physically remove or bury these unwanted items from the property. 

These residues on the ground’s surface can compromise the outcome of the operations, leading to a significant waste of time, money, and energy. The stone burier was created to help remove the ground issues while reducing the time, money, and energy required.

Simply put, a stone burier is a machine (or an accessory to be integrated into a tracked vehicle) that prepares the soil for laying turf, sowing crop seeds, or construction purposes. It is specifically designed to bury stones, rocks, weeds, and other soil debris, thus creating a homogenous upper layer and providing the appropriate starting point for new grass or crop growth.

Regardless of the manufacturer, virtually all stone buriers work in this manner:

  1. A reverse drive tiller digs into the ground. The tiller elevates the soil, stones, rocks, weeds, and other debris over the tilting rotor.

  2. The debris is thrown against the screening bar behind the rotor. The rotor will then separate them from the fine soil. It will also force the debris to the bottom of the till depth as the fine soil passes through the screening bar.

  3. The leveling board spreads the fine soil smoothly over the debris.

  4. The packing roller further smoothens the topsoil, preparing it for whatever purpose planned for the now-smooth ground.

The Massano Stone Burier

The Massano professional stone buriers are suitable for each type of soil.

Massano Stone Buriers with rear roller Massano Rotostone stone buriers with a rear roller is designed to work in every soil type, thanks to its working principle, saving time, energy, and money. The “Rotostone” technique is used to bury rocks and stones, weeds, vegetable residues (roots, stalks, leaves, etc.), harvest leftovers, and small sticks through its specially designed tiller blades that pull out the stones and throw them against the screening bar.

This type has several variants, depending on the required power (ranging from 15 hp to 240 hp) and the working width (from 90 cm to 720 cm).

Massano Stone Buriers with rear roller are successfully used to prepare and maintain green areas (golf courses and sports fields), agriculture (both in open fields and greenhouses), horticulture, and gardening.

Massano Stone Buriers with bed former shaper

Fixed and folding Massano Stone Buriers with bed former shaper and roller prepare the soil mainly for horticulture. The equipment can be used by small, medium, and large farms.

The Massano Stone Buriers with bed former shaper come in many variants, depending on the required power (from 40 hp to 360 hp) and working width (from 125 cm to 600 cm).

The machine’s exclusive “Frangiter” uses blades to fracture and bury the hard clods (usually in dry soils with high clay content). These blades break up the clods and throw them against the screening bar. 

One of Massano’s latest machines is the EXTREME fixed and folding stone burier with bed former shaper. It is built with a working width of 145 to 600 cm and a working depth of 15 to 38 cm. The EXTREME requires power from 100 to 360 hp to make it run. True to its name, the EXTREME can achieve high-quality results even in extreme conditions without compromising the machine’s frame. In addition, the EXTREME’s side transmission is higher than the standard ones. The transmission is through a reinforced chain for machines with a working width from 145 to 210 cm. On the other hand, the transmission for machines with a working width from 250 to 600 is through gears.

Also, in the EXTREME, the distance between two drive shafts is wider than that of the standard ones, allowing more space between the rotor and the frame. The EXTREME was built upon the client’s request.

Massano’s stone buriers have been proven to be an irreplaceable solution, particularly for tillage in extreme conditions, with soil full of rocks, stones, clods, and residues. They offer various advantages, saving time, money, and energy, preventing hardpan layer formation, easing water drainage, and limiting water stagnation.

If you are looking for high-quality equipment to perform optimal soil preparation for whatever purpose, Massano’s stone buriers provide the solution. For inquiries, visit Massano’s website.


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