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Agriculture in Nevada mainly gravitates toward livestock production, dominated by calves and cattle. Nevada’s other essential livestock commodities include sheep, lamb, and hogs. 

Despite being smaller in numbers compared to the other states, Nevada’s ranches rank third in the US in size, averaging 3,500 acres each.

Much of the state consists of uninhabitable deserts. The state of Nevada is the driest among the 50 US states. But despite these climate and environmental challenges, the state manages to produce excellent crops on irrigated lands. Alfalfa hay has been Nevada’s top cash crop; much of the hay grown in the state is sold to dairy operations in neighboring states. Nevada’s other important crops include alfalfa seeds, barley, garlic and onions, mint, oats, potatoes, rye, wheat, and some fruits and vegetables. 

Agriculture is among the Silver State’s most important industries. It contributes significantly to the economy of Nevada’s rural communities and the state as a whole. 

From the looks of it, Nevada has overcome farming challenges, particularly its arid and semi-arid climate and desert environment, through its bountiful produce. Several modern farming equipment have been used to further boost crop production in Nevada, and here are some of them. 


Stanhay vegetable planters

  • 785 Row with 120mm Wheel – Based on the chassis design of the 870 model (mentioned below), the 785 is a dependable drill with thousands of rows still in use worldwide.
  • 820 Push Drill - This highly versatile 820 Handpush is specifically designed for planting small areas and quantities of seed at a time. The large diameter rear cage wheel and ergonomic handles make it easy to push. The four-speed pulley drive gives four seed spacings per seed belt.
  • 840 Wheel Unit Planter - It is designed to fit behind small or compact tractors and ATVs. It is an ideal machine for the smaller grower or market gardener drive from the large-diameter rear cage wheel. The four-speed pulley drive gives four seed spacings per seed belt.
  • 870 Row - The 870 is the leading belt planter in the market that is used all over the world. It is equipped with a 7-speed pulley drive courtesy of adjustable height landwheels, which enable the 870 to work on flat or bed setups. Available from two rows up to 18 rows and capable of multi-line planting, the 870 is robust, scalable, and adaptable for every seed type.
  • Pro Air 160 Row - The Pro Air is a lightweight, compact, but durable row unit packed with many adjustments and options for any ground type condition or planting pattern. The drive is maintenance- and slip-free, thanks to its sealed flexible shaft drive system, similar to what is used on over one million maize drills globally. Coupled with the dependable 26-speed chain-driven gearbox and a choice of small or large fans, this machine offers the ultimate precision planting performance. This unit is the latest development from Stanhay; 50 years of precision planting experience have gone into designing this row unit.
  • Star Plus Row with 120 mm Wheel - Its premium adjustability features make it easy to adapt to changing field conditions. It also has a robust 28-speed chain drive landwheel, giving a vast range of spacing with each seed disc and a high-performance 26-rib fan. Suitable from three up to eighteen-row machines.
  • Star Row with 120 mm Wheel - Its premium adjustability features make it easy to adapt to changing field conditions. It also has a robust 28-speed chain drive landwheel, giving a huge range of spacing with each seed disc and a high-performance 26-rib fan. Suitable from three up to eighteen-row machines.
  • X 30 Row Unit Planters - A multi-line row unit capable of seeding 1-4 lines from each row. Each row aspect is designed for easy and precise adjustment to provide uniformity of seed length and seed-soil contact, ensuring regular and even germination in all soil conditions.

Gaspardo vegetable planters

Onions are highly sought after in Nevada, especially the Nevada Whites. The state’s local climate makes for more durable winter onions. Nevada also grows reds, yellows, and sweets, which thrive in the conditions of the Mason Valley in the state’s western region.

The majority of the onion sales occur in the city of Yerrington, Nevada. Yerrington is sometimes dubbed the “Onion Capital of the West” and is mainly known for its Sweetie Sweet variety.

There are a few growers, and they are some of the largest onion growers in the United States. Onion farming and production is a big business in Nevada. To facilitate and boost production as well as to lower cost, Gaspardo’s high-quality and reliable mounted precision planters make the sowing and planting process faster and more efficient.

MTR Precision Planters - Gaspardo’s ten years of experience in the precision planter sector have resulted in the MTR range of planters. The MTR planter is the entry model of a homonymous range of precision planters, which are multi-purpose and suitable for planting in well-tilled and minimally-worked soils, ensuring maximum precision.

1) Fixed frame planters – The fixed frame MTR model is available in multiple versions ranging from 4 to 12 rows with inter-row spacing of 45, 60, and 75 cm.

  • MTR – The MTR planter is the ideal solution for small farmers and farms with no width limitations for road travel. It delivers the best planting results every time. Available with both micro granulators and fertilizer spreaders.
  • Mistral  – This is an 8.5-meter-long fixed-frame planter with 12 or 18 rows for high production demands. The solution combines performance and value for money. It is perfect for bigger businesses requiring transport methods suitable for long distances. It has a light version and a built-in trolley for faster and easier transport.

2) Twin-row mounted planter

  • MTR Twin  – Precision planter model, designed to plant twin rows in one pass for more improved and precise seed placement. It has a feature handy with crops like maize, soya, onions, and other crops. This machine is an innovative solution that ensures an increase in crop yield and a consequent cost reduction.
  • Quincoince System  – It is a metering system synchronized between the MTR Narrow twin-row units. It is designed to precisely stagger the seed discs for placement in a triangular pattern with the utmost reliability and accuracy.

3) Telescopic-frame mounted planters

  • MTE – It is the practical, reliable, and ideal partner for small and medium farmers mainly concerned with planting certain crops like maize, involving frequent road travel. It comes with 6 or 7 planting units and has a 4.3-meter frame with the outer units retracting telescopically to 3.0 or 3.4 meters.
  • Marta  – Marta is ideal for planting maize, onions, and other crops planted in widely spaced rows, minimizing width for road travel with its hydraulically retracted outer units. Marta provides the optimal solution for areas with narrow lanes or roads with poor access.

4) Telescopic planters with variable row spacing

  • Monica  – Monica is the mounted retractable telescopic planter. You can adjust its length to 2.55 meters. Its versatile design allows you to work with a row spacing from 45 to 75 cm for planting different crops with a single investment. It also comes with double-disc or Suffolk fertilizer coulters. Monica is a benchmark for farmers and contractors for planting crops with different row spacing.

5) Wing-fold planters with variable row spacing

  • Magica – Magica is renowned for its operational versatility, thanks to its wing-fold planter, which provides adjustable row spacing, and a Suffolk coulter fertilizer placement system.

6) Wing-fold mounted planters

  • Mirka  – It is the ideal solution for professionals planning to carry out planting and localized fertilizer placement using a single-rear mounted implement. The 8-row model with 75-cm row spacing has a hydraulically operated wing-fold frame for a narrow transport width of only 3.0 meters.
  • Manta  – It is ideal for planting on any soil condition. It has excellent operational capacities with practical use. The wing-fold feature makes this machine ideal to use on ground that has not been uniformly tilled or on non-linear fields.
  • Manta XL  – The Manta XL has a hydraulic folding frame featuring telescoping sections. Due to its 12 units with a 75 cm-row spacing, it has high productivity and the ability to uneven ground contours, making it an ideal piece of equipment built to cater to the demands of planting professionals, contractors, and substantial farms.

All Pricing and Specification subject to change without notice. Pricing does not include freight charges.