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Choosing the Right Size Augers for Your Farming Needs

Choosing the Right Size Augers for Your Farming NeedsAugers may be used for several purposes, but they are the most familiar in construction, mining, and agriculture.

Augers are drilling devices consisting of a rotating corkscrew-shaped tool for removing drilling debris. When rotating the auger, the cutting head penetrates the ground and digs into it, very much like a screw boring into wood. Then the auger's rotating blade pushes the debris out of the hole as it rotates into the ground. These double functions – drilling and removing debris and wastes – make augers essential tools.

Augers can work in various ground types and conditions

Augers are designed to bore holes into different ground types and conditions. The design of the shaft and the corkscrew-like spiral influence which ground conditions become possible for drilling.

Manufacturers offer various augers suitable for drilling into different soil types and conditions – chalky soils, fine sands, silts, solid clay, and rocky soils.

The "flighting" (or "flight") of an auger refers to the spiral twist (or twists) through which the wastes and debris escape. Flighting can be single- or double-twist. The "pitch" of an auger refers to the distance between each flighting.

An auger's cutting-edge flighting and pitch are always designed and optimized for each type or condition of the ground.

What is an auger used for?

Augers are used for one thing – drilling holes into any material.

Augers' industrial and commercial applications include post-hole digging for:

  • Lamp poles
  • Telephone poles
  • Solar posts
  • Deck posts
  • Fencing, etc.

However, augers can be used in other ways, such as drilling into maple wood to extract maple syrup, drilling small holes into ice for fishing, or boring smaller holes into the ground for gardening projects or planting crops. The size of an auger can help you determine its specific purpose.

Augers are incredibly versatile and can help you save on time and labor, enabling continuity and better workflow. You'll benefit significantly from these tools, especially when multiple holes requiring the same depth and diameter have to be dug during a single project.

Choosing the right auger size for farming and agricultural needs

Depending on the size and length, augers can bore holes as shallow as 3 feet and as deep as 95 feet. But once the depth goes beyond 95 feet, an extension tool can be added to the auger.

Pengo's augers and drilling tools

This article will discuss augers for agricultural and light construction applications, and what could be a better manufacturer of these tools than Pengo?

Pengo is a company that has been manufacturing augers and related equipment, components, and accessories for more than 65 years. They can also customize products to meet their clients' specifications.

The PTO Aggressor (an original Pengo design) Auger offers superior performance and reliability in agricultural and light construction applications. Featuring the TriFlow 350 Pilot (also an original Pengo design), this auger provides wear and exceptional performance in a large variety of soil conditions.

The PTO Aggressor Auger is usually attached to a tractor or mini-track loader and is often marketed for farming and agricultural uses. It is designed for professionals, has superior reliability and performance under heavy-duty applications, and is built to withstand the rigors of any drilling job.

Pengo's PTO Aggressor Augers are recommended for the following soil conditions:

  • Dirt (highly recommended)
  • Sand (highly recommended)
  • Slit
  • Clay

Pengo's PTO Aggressor Augers are available in different diameters:

  • 6"
  • 9"
  • 12"
  • 18"
  • 24"

Specifications may include:

  • Cast alloy, Steel 2-round hub
  • 3/16"-thick, semi-double flighting
  • One-piece cast head
  • 40 °/50 ° dual angle teeth with 3-point lock-and-roll fasteners
  • TriFlow (TF) 350 Pilot Bit with three drill points for more extended wear

The following are the parts and accessories that can be used with the PTO Aggressor.

TriFlow (TF) Pilot Bits:

  • TF-350
  • TF-350 (HF) Pilot
  • TF-350C Pilot
  • TF-350CXC Pilot
  • TF-350HFTC Pilot

Teeth: The Aggressor auger teeth are designed for use in dirt, abrasive rock, or fracturable rock, depending on the type of tooth chosen.

  • 40/50 Tooth
  • 40/50 HFF Tooth
  • 40/50C Tooth

Nuts and bolts for TriFlow 350 Pilot Bits:

  • 3.5" Hex Bolt (6" to 9" in diameter)
  • 4" Hex Bolt (for 12" to 24" in diameter)
  • Hex Nut Lock

Nuts and bolts for 40/50 Teeth:

  • Carriage Bolt
  • Hex Nut Lock

Go to the PTO Aggressor Auger data sheet for product details and the PTO Aggressor parts list to see the rest of the parts and accessories.

Solex Corporation offers various Pengo augers, drilling tools, and other products. We have been importing and distributing farm, landscape, and light construction equipment in the Western U.S. for more than 50 years. Today, Solex distributes over 30 product lines from American and European manufacturers throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.

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