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Reasons to Use Farm Orchard Shredders

Gardening and farming produce a lot of waste from the pruning of trees and woody plants, including twigs and branches. Vineyards and orchards have been turning out piles of clipped leaves and twigs from grape vines and fruit trees. When it comes to disposing of such wastes, people first think of burning them.

However, the smoke from open burning can have an adverse health and environmental impact. Anyone working in the fields is likely to get exposed to the smoke more often and suffer from minor irritations and serious health consequences. And, of course, the smoke from burning leaves and twigs can contribute to air pollution. Smoke, no matter what the source, contributes to thousands of metric tons of greenhouse gases globally.

Fortunately, there's a better way of dealing with tree and plant clippings: shredding.

By shredding leaves, twigs, and branches left after pruning, farmers and gardeners can b use them as mulch or as ingredients for light compost, both of which can encourage soil improvement.

Mechanical shredders used for farming are ideal for the disposal of clipped leaves, branches, twigs, and other garden and agricultural wastes. Once finely ground, these wastes are used as mulch or mixed with grass, leaves, and logs, producing light compost. Shredding farming and agricultural debris is a better alternative to burning to clear such heavy wastes. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also helps you contribute to the health of your soil.

Mechanical shredders from FALC and Rinieri

Falc and Rinieri are two of Italy's well-known agricultural equipment manufacturers, including mechanical shredders. Here are some of them.

1) Falc Master 1800 Shredder

The Professional Lateral Shredder is for grass, bushes, and brambles in orchards, citrus groves, olive groves, and roadside maintenance. It is made with heavy-duty construction to meet the demands of orchard pruning.

Other specifications:

  • Minimum weight: 3,500 kgs.
  • Working width: 1.77 meters
  • Transport width: 1.93 meters
  • Number of flails: 18
  • PTO: 540
  • Tractor power: 80 to 120 hp

2) Falc Master Special 1600 Shredder

The Professional Lateral Shredder is for brambles, bushes, grass in orchards, olive and citrus groves, and roadside maintenance. It is made with heavy-duty construction to meet the demands of orchard or vineyard pruning.

Other specifications:

  • Minimum weight: 2,500 kgs.
  • Working width: 1.8 meters
  • Number of flails: 24
  • PTO: 540
  • Tractor power: 80 to 120 hp

3) Falc Top 2700

It is a powerful, heavily built machine for pruning the Falc orchard shredder. Built specifically to help growers comply with burn restrictions, the Falc Top 2700 is a machine that provides an economical way to clear heavy pruning.

It has an extra heavy-duty construction to deal with the particular demands of heavy orchard pruning.

Other specifications:

  • It reduces branches up to 3" in diameter to fine cuttings.
  • 2110 RPM rotor propels Falc's heavy durafaced hammers to 250 feet per second at tips
  • Automatic belt sensoring system
  • Front or rear mount
  • Rear roller and front support standard
  • Minimum weight: 1,800 kgs.
  • PTO: 1000
  • Three counter blades
  • Tractor power: 110 to 160 hp

4) Rinieri Reversable Shredder (TRH shredder)

This double-rotor collection system allows the collection of large quantities of wood, even larger ones.

  • This shredder from the TRH series collects and shreds sarments and pruning up to 8 cm in orchards, vineyards, and olive groves in the stony and irregular ground.
  • Reversible and front-drive tractors mountings systems avoid having to drive over the pruning that need to be shredded.
  • A special rotor brings the pruning into a space above the soil where the hammer rotor (2200 rpm/min) shreds the pruning.
  • The rear of the machine features a discharge grating with gauge holes to control the sizes of discharged material.
  • Hydraulically-driven motor.
  • Adjusting the speed is possible.
  • It comes in four models: TRH 100, TRH 125, TRH 150, and TRH 175.

Solex Corporation offers Rinieri and Falc shredders and other products. We have been importing and distributing various product lines from several US and European manufacturers throughout the Western US. For inquiries, contact our sales representative at 707-678-5533 or email sales@solexcorp.com.

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