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DMX Disc Harrow

Manufacturer:  ERMO
Product Name:  DMX Disc Harrrow
Product Code:  ERMGHIBLI300


GHIBLY by ERMO is the best option to prepare the seedbed - affordable, fast, and strong.
This disc cultuivator is available in two version: fix frame (2.5, 3 or 4 meters working width) or foldable frame (4, 5 or 6 meters working width)
GHIBLI is available in mounted and trailed versions, and it is possible to set two different disc diameters (520 or 560) according to the tractor power or the type of work that has to be carried out.

The choice of the rear roller depends on the type of soil. It is possible to choose between shell roller, angular-rings roller and cage roller. Morover, it is possible to equip GHIBLI with optional hydraulic adjustmant of the roller.

  • Rispecting the environment: thanks to the variable depth, adjustable up to 12 cm, the impact on the soil is less invasive.
  • Saving time: in only one passage residues are perfectly buried and soil is perfectly shredded.
  • Reducing costs: minimum ploughing operations do not require powerful tractors and reduce fuel consumption.


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Product Code Product Name
ERMGH/02 Hydraulic Rear Roller

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