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Extractor Retriever

Manufacturer:  M.O.M.
Product Name:  Extractor Retriever
Product Code:  MORAVVNEX


Winding nylon MOM: guaranteed effectiveness!


Machine designed for the collection of plastic sheets from greenhouses and across the field.


The rotation of the winder is carried out by means of a hydraulic motor with rotation speed control. The unloading of the collected material is carried out by activating a hydraulic piston. The large guide roller facilitates the collection of the material, favoring  the cleaning (elimination of water and residues present on the nylon) of the plastic sheets.


An average harvest of 8/10 hectares per day is estimated .
A toolbox completes the structure of the reel.


Winding nylon mod. "EXTRACTOR"


The agricultural machinery was designed to undermine and collect the nylon sheet at the end of the vegetable growing season.
The Winding Nylon machine can be easily adapted:
for the collection of 2 rows of towel in strawberries
1 nylon row of various sizes.


The extraction of the nylon takes place by means of two stripping plowshares placed in a horizontal position which from underground raise the cloth detaching it from the ground.

To facilitate detachment, the cutting discs divide the nylon into two parts, which makes collection much easier.

Then follows a winder that collects the nylon. the rotor has an adjustable speed and ends with the discharge of the material (by means of hydraulic opening). The working depth (of the extraction) is regulated by two support wheels mounted on the frame. The height can be easily modified by the operator.
It is possible to equip the winder with a control platform for an operator.




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