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Pro Air Row

Manufacturer:  STANHAY
Product Name:  Pro Air 160 Row
Product Code:  STY8300052


The latest development from Stanhay; 50 years of precision planting experience has gone into designing this row unit. The ProAir is a compact, lightweight but durable row unit packed with adjust-ability and options to suit any type of ground condition or planting pattern. The drive is maintenance and slip free thanks to a sealed flexible shaft drive system similar to that used on over one million maize drills globally. Coupled with the reliable 26 speed chain driven gearbox and a choice of small or large fans this machine offers the ultimate in precision planting performance.

Key Features

  1. Adjustable row unit down force
  2. Adjustable rear wheel down force
  3. Single bolt adjustment to switch between high line and low line setups
  4. Infinitely adjustable depth control measurable to a 0.1mm accuracy via a mechanical counter
  5. Sealed maintenance free flexible drive shaft
  6. Unobstructed access to the metering unit for maintenance and changing of seed discs
  7. Independently articulating seed press wheels with adjustable down force
  8. Individual scraper blades on each stainless steel press wheel    
  9. Ability to latch row unit out of work




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