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Twin Turbo Wide Front Mounted

Manufacturer:  RINIERI
Product Name:  Twin Turbo Wide Front Mounted
Product Code:  RIN6TLTW11AE


The Twin TURBO has been designed to maximize the efficiency of the single side machine,
doubling the benefits by working both sides of the same row in the same passage.
It is built for front or rear mounting and in two frame sizes:
one for rows from 170cm up to 280cm and another one for rows from 250cm to 380cm.
All Twin Turbo models need 30 liters/min of oil flow from the tractor.
If the tractor cannot supply this flow, it is possible supply a hydraulic kit.
The double inter-row cultivator Turbo with hoeing blade is supplied with the frame to mount the machine on the tractor.
The machine is completed with wheels frame with adjustable width and high and opening discs for the blades.
The Twin Turbo is available in two type, front or rear mounting with two working width.
The blades can be replaced with ploughing kit with tree trunk cleaners.


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