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RSF 84" Tiller/Bed Shaper

Manufacturer:  MASSANO
Product Name:  RSF 84" Tiller/Bed Shaper
Product Code:  MSORSF210


The constant search for new technologies and agricultural practices has led the Massano Company to develop a new, highly innovative system. The extraordinary counter rotating, stone burierm Rotostone, unique on the international scene, is a modular machine adaptable to the agricultural needs of these times, with multi-functionality and increased durability of the machinery.


This three point mounted machine, when hitched to a tractor of appropriate horsepower, has proven
to be ideal for the elimination in one pass, of stones and vegetable residue on the surface.

The heart of the machine is the blade rotor, composed of specifically designed blades, whose
counter-rotation, throw stones, dirt, weeds and debris against the selection grill. The coarse
material that is stopped by the grill, falls in the trench made by the working depth of the rotor,
and is covered by the fine dirt that passed through the selection grill that is then lightly
pressed by the bed former, forming a perfect seed bed with pressure controlled by the crank handle.

The selection grill, in addition to having the function of sifting the soil, permits the
operator to work in especially heavy conditions. The vibrating system guarantees the constant
cleaning of the spring tines even in conditions of moist or wet soil, obtaining the continuous flow
of dirt. Furthermore, the ability to change the working angle of the selection grill permits the
operator to work more deeply with less power.
The working depth is adjustable from 10 to 30 cm (depending on model) by means of a special system
with crank handle that determine the position of the rear wheels.
The side discs are positioned in front of the machine to greatly facilitate the penetration and
depth by opening a narrow trench that keeps the shield for the side chain drive from dragging
before the rotor.

The large choice of accessories available for the stone burier allow the operator to work in
diverse sectors:
•  Horticulture
•  Flower Nurseries


• The soil carrying stones or vegetable debris strikes
a vertical “comb” of spring steel tines where loose
clean soil passes through while stones, root
clumps, clods, etc. are screened out falling to the
bottom of cut to be buried by clean soil.
• Reverse rotating tiller that works soil and throws dirt
up over the tillers rotor to the rear.
• 84 inch width
• For 80-150 HP tractor




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