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What Are the Emerging Agricultural Technologies?

Today’s farms and agricultural operations work far differently compared to those a few decades ago, mainly due to technological advancements. But if you think about it more deeply, agriculture remains less digitized compared to other fields. Although advancements have been made, they’re mostly focused on mechanical (e.g., powerful equipment) and genetics (e.g., improved seeds and fertilizers). The agriculture industry still has a long way to go in terms of digitalization.

The Pros and Cons of Modern Technologies in Agriculture

People in the farming industry are aware that there are good and not-so-good years. There are times when a lot of farmers are ready to give a hand and times when it is difficult to find help. That is why a growing number of farm operators are turning to technology to mitigate the adverse effects of farming labor shortages, which continue to be a persistent problem in the US agriculture industry up to this day.

The Best Water Conservation Technologies for Farmers

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Economic Research Service reports that agriculture accounts for 85% of the national water consumption. Water is an essential input for farming and agriculture and is crucial to food security. Per the World Bank report, 20% of the total cultivated land is run by irrigated agriculture, contributing 40% of the total food produced globally .

Change of Labor Force in Agriculture vs. Technology

Anyone working in farming understands that there are good and not-so-good years. They know some years there will be plenty of farmhands to help, and some years finding help is difficult. Many farmers are looking to technology to avoid the issues of having enough labor force to help with agriculture. This article will help you understand issues related to how technology may be a solution.

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